Freshman Spotlight: Learning the Ropes

No freshmen were seriously harmed in the development of this article.

Katie Lanham, Editor

Freshman year can be scary. Going to a new, bigger school, with classes and teachers you know nothing about is hard. And those stairs! Freshmen, we’ve all been there, and if you have any questions, ask! The teachers and/or upperclassmen will generally have answers for you. It’s a new year with new responsibilities. Everyone here wants to know you and help you succeed. In the interest of getting to know the newest members of Palestine High School, Pioneer Pages will do our best to give a look into all of the little freshies lives, this being the first!

Lauren Duffield is our first freshman feature this year. They say their first week has been pretty good, but a bit confusing at times, and that trying to find their classes has been a challenge. By the end of the first week, their locker was a disaster. It’s not all bad though, and their considerably more comfortable now. They say their favorite part about high school is the freedom to choose how to get to classes, and that in grade school, they hated walking in lines everywhere. It’s also calmer here, with less drama in the hallways, although their experience is limited. They also really like all of their teachers, and they say that all of the teachers are very nice.

When Lauren was asked their least favorite part of high school, they gave the classic answer of the dreaded stairs necessary to get us all from point A to point B. Also, the hallways are always very crowded with people trying to get to class.

This year, Lauren is looking forward to participating in the Art Club -open to all art students- to help paint new murals. They are also looking forward to getting the grades they plan to work for. As for their classes, Lauren likes all of them, saying English and Biology by name, but they aren’t much of a fan of Algebra. “No offense to Mr. Ochs though, because he’s really cool.”

Currently Lauren is involved in the Palestine Jr/Sr High Marching Band, which will be marching in the Labor Day Parade and the Homecoming Parade, as well as on the football field some time in the near future. They are also a member of the Art Club, which meets after school on Wednesdays. Once they figure out their schedule, they plan to be a member of the Palestine High School Drama Club and our Pay-It-Forward volunteer club. Information about both of these clubs can be found with Mrs. Hyde.

Outside of school, they say their life isn’t too interesting. Their main hobbies include chill things, like listening to music, creating projects on their own, and developing their artsy skills. After high school, they aren’t too sure, except that they plan to take a year off between high school and college so as not to rush in to anything too quickly. They’d like to go to college eventually, probably LTC, after they save a bit of money.

Given a chance to say something to say something to everyone, they said, “Don’t be jerks. Live life and be nice to each other. This is a part of life that you can’t get back when you’re older.”