Positive Thoughts: Layni Branson


My friends and I celebrating my 18th birthday, 6 feet apart.

Layni Branson, Editor

It has been very hard to find positive things out of this whole situation. It took me a while to get used to this. The first couple of weeks, I did some cleaning for Mrs. Inboden’s class to keep my mind off of everything. With just starting online learning it has been a little easier to keep my head up. I have been hit with a bunch of homework to do in all of this time. 

When we were told our time away from school would be lengthened, I got pretty upset. I had my 18th birthday coming up and I had big plans with my friends and family to celebrate. To bring out the positive in my birthday, my parents bought a sign that said “Honk for Layni’s Birthday“ and put it out in our yard, some of my friends met up with me and we parked and stayed 6 feet apart from each other and I ended my day with some Texas Roadhouse. My birthday was filled with lots of honks, delicious food and love!

 I haven’t been going to bed till around 5 am every day. The positive part of that is, I workout more, I get my homework done at those times because my thoughts are flowing like crazy and I finish every Netflix show I have started. I keep in touch with my friends at all times, I just wish I could sit down with them at the lunch table and talk about our days, what homework we got and just laugh. 

I had mentioned watching Netflix as a positive. I have almost finished Grey’s Anatomy ( I’ve restarted it 3 times ) . It’s a long show to finish but I am getting there! I watched a show on Hulu called “Unexpected“, it was pretty good. I am currently watching “All America “ on Netflix. This show is absolutely AMAZING, I highly recommend it! I watched “Onward“ on Disney + with my family. It’s a very good emotional movie. 

Yes, this whole situation has been very hard. I have negative thoughts about this a lot, but I have to see the positives of every situation. Although I don’t see many positives out of this, I still have hope. 

I checked in on Abbey McCord and asked her how she was seeing positives throughout this situation and she said “It’s given me time to catch up mentally with what’s been going on in my life and I have hope that we will be back as soon as we can be.“ Palestine CUSD #3 is an amazing support system and I couldn’t be more thankful for that!