How Shyan and Katie Are Surviving the Apocalypse


Shyan Dunlap, Author

Yes, we know it technically isn’t the apocalypse, but I think we all can agree it feels like it. How is everyone? Got enough toilet paper? Been to Wal-Mart lately?  It’s all crazy and yet we still don’t have zombies. This isn’t what I paid for, how about you? Anyway, Katie has FINALLY gotten back from Oklahoma, and so far we have started a puzzle, gotten a hedgehog, been terrified various animals will eat the hedgehog, made grilled cheese, watched many movies, and figured out that my family desktop computer actually works. A surprise, honestly. I’ve only ever seen my father use it once, and Katie has never ever seen anyone use it.

In this scary but zombie-less time, we are supposed to remember the local businesses, and that working from home does imply that we actually have to work. Oh yeah, and to please stay home. Not to be alarming, but we have had a case in Crawford County. People have to think about the impact their actions have on the people around them. Experts say that only 3% of the total population would be in terrible danger, but by ignoring the recommended safety procedures, we are suggesting that those in the 3% are expendable.

And on that happy note, with not being able to leave the house much, it’s SO easy to be bored. Luckily we have a list of things you can do. (Basically, what we’ve been doing):

  1. Play Just Dance or other physically active games
  2. Teach your cat how to play Jumanji (I’ve done it but she isn’t very good)
  3. Do a puzzle
  4. Bake a cake, cookies, cupcakes, muffins, something to share with your quarantine-mates.
  5. Clean various rooms (we know you’ve been putting off cleaning your room… you have time now..) or animals –have to keep them clean too.
  6. Listen to your favorite songs and dance like nobody is watching because everyone is too far away in quarantine to see you.
  7. Read a book, or 15 (which is the number Katie bought in Oklahoma)
  8. Do one of the workouts in the email from Mr. Blank.
  9. Organize your refrigerator, memorize where everything is, and use it as a power move when someone asks where the butter is.
  10. Make a map of your house
  11. Video chat with friends
  12. Learn a skill so when we come out of our houses at the end of this, you can show off (I suggest learning to unicycle. It’s been three years in progress, but I swear one day…)
  13. Put a Post-It journal on your wall, to chronicle life under social distancing rules.
  14. Learn simple life skills that you’ve somehow avoided through your teen years…like cooking eggs…don’t ask.
  15. Watch all of Netflix. All of it. You have time, why not? What’re you going to do? Hang with your friends? I think not.

Above all, we’re just trying to stay healthy and get our work done, while trying not to go completely crazy. We suggest you do the same. We miss being at school, but we know it’s a necessary precaution, to keep everyone safe and healthy, and to minimize the damage caused by the virus.