Dear Diary: It’s Nathan White


Nathan White

Nathan White enjoying the warm weather.

Nathan White, Editor

Dear Diary,

It is now week two of quarantine and I’m over it. Obviously no one wants to be in quarantine, but I feel like I’ve done everything I set my mind to do. The state has pushed it back to April 8th so I have no idea what I’m going to do until then.

In this time of complete isolation I have cleaned my car, walked around my block 64 times, made cupcakes, played Animal Crossing: New Horizons, cooked almost every meal possible with the food in my house, and finally managed to swallow pills. I know it took 17 years, but I’m proud of myself.

Teachers haven’t been giving out much homework which is okay. I am sure it’s hard to come up with online assignments for everything.  If I am honest, I don’t want to do any homework for a couple of  reasons. It’s hard to learn anything without it being explained to me.  Another reason is I have no motivation. It’s my senior year. The way things are going I’m not going to get to come back to PHS, so I have no reason to do work I am not getting a grade for. In the last two weeks I have gotten one grade in TeacherEase and it was for responding to an email. I think a lot of us are feeling the same way. We do the work so that we don’t receive a million emails reminding us to do it, but there is no purpose for us right now.

Freshman and sophomores need to do their work because it will influence the rest of their years at PHS. Juniors need to learn as much as they can for the SAT which they now have to make up, but Seniors don’t have a purpose. Most of us have applied for colleges and scholarships already. Nothing we do right now is going to change our future careers.

Well on that note, I hope everyone is doing well. I am sure we are all doing the same things. Who knows when I will see you all again!