Softball Feature: Shara Coffman


Freshman Shara Coffman plays catcher for the 2020 Lady Tigers softball team. The first game is March 16 at Cumberlad.

Layni Branson, Editor

Shara Coffman is starting softball as a freshman this year after playing junior high softball, Lincolnland summer ball and RPM summerball.  When asked what her least favorite thing about softball was, Shara said there wasn’t anything she didn’t like.  Her favorite thing about softball is “the excitement.”

“Practices have been going better than they have previous years.  I wish we did more productive drills instead of the same thing every practice.”

The Lady Tigers have twenty-one girls on their softball team.  Shara’s position is catcher.

The first game is Monday, March 16th at Cumberland at 4:30.