Senior So-long: Tristian Richardson

Nathan White, Editor

Welcome back to Senior So-long, the true-to-heart newsletter where we learn about the wifi down class of 2020. This week’s interviewee is Tristian Richardson!

Tristian was born on March 19th. His birthday is next week! Don’t forget to wish him Happy Birthday!

His favorite memory of high school is hanging out with his friends, August and Blake. In particular going and watching movies and being around them in class.

Tristian is involved in Drama Club, and has a role in the upcoming play on April 17th and 18th.

He doesn’t want to redo anything because if he changed himself then he wouldn’t be the person he is today. That’s beautiful, Tristian <3.

When he graduates, he plans to pursue gaming to help raise money to go to college to become a mechanic or get a degree in psychology. 

A new question I am asking is students’ favorite class. Tristian’s favorite class was Constitution or US History because of the crazy times he had.