Never Get Your Ears Pierced With A Gun

Never Get Your Ears Pierced With A Gun

Shyan Dunlap, Author

Hi, Shyan here once again talking about body modification. Let’s discuss piercing guns –you know, those little things that Walmart uses when you get your ear lobes pierced. Thy are the worst thing for your ears, maybe even worse than getting a piercing at home. Maybe.

First, they are disgusting. It is actually impossible to clean them, so all the germs from other people’s ears are on them. Some people think it’s a good idea to use a piercing gun on their nose so, just think about someone putting a bunch of snot in your new piercing. So gross. If someone has bled on the gun then, boom, now there’s someone else’s blood all in your ear. Fun right? No. Not at all. Because of their inability to be cleaned, they are known to spread Hepatitis

Secondly, piercing guns are dangerous. Hear me out. There’s a thing called blunt force trauma. Imagine stabbing your pencil through paper. Where your pencil went through, there’s a non perfect hole, but behind it there’s paper that’s been ripped. Imagine that’s your ear. You put something that’s not sharp through, and there’s a not clean cut hole and your skin is pushed out of the way. MEANWHILE, if you use a hole punch on paper, it’s a nice clean hole in the paper, and there isn’t a mess behind the hole. Now think of your ear; the hollow needle is just like your hole punch. Another dangerous thing is that the never lovely piercing gun can cause cauliflower ear, which is where you cartilage in your ear shatters.

Third, the healing process is more painful when pierced with a gun. With good (not) old blunt force trauma it takes more to heal the piercing. Also with guns, the barbell (also known as the earring) is too short which can cause the ear to be inflamed and hurt way worse than it should. There’s also the short barbell mixed with swelling that causes the piercing to be swallowed up by the ear causing the earring to get stuck in your ear. In order to fix such a thing they have to usually either cut or pop the earring out of the ear.

Fourth, people who operate the guns aren’t trained properly. When you get pierced with a gun the person using the gun has had little to no training. With a piercer who uses a needle, they have had at least months of apprenticeship, usually a year. Don’t you want someone who know’s what they are doing to stab you.

Most people choose piercing guns over needles simply because they are afraid of needles. Not many people actually like them but on the plus side with most piercings you don’t see the needle at all. From first hand experience and asking other people, the healing process is less painful when pierced correctly with a needle. So if your looking for a clean, safe, easily healed piercing done by a professional with lots of training you need to get pierced with a needle. I suggest going to King Ink in Terre Haute, Indiana.