New Netflix Series: Locke & Key


Entertaining! The key shown in the picture is the head key.

Layni Branson, Editor

A new Netflix original series called Locke & Key came out in the beginning of February of 2020. It is based on the comics created by Joe Hill. Locke & Key is a supernatural horror, and a drama. A mom and her three children move to an ancestral home in Massachusetts after the death of their father in Seattle. They wanted to move away for a fresh start, but that will soon come to an end. They will start hearing whispers and will find some very magical keys. 

Some of the keys include: the Anywhere Key, which will take you to any door you’ve ever seen before. The Ghost Key allows you to step through a door and become an actual ghost. Lastly, the Head Key goes into someone’s head and see all of their memories and thoughts, and that is just to name a few. In the show twelve keys are introduced, but in the comics there are 37 so we will probably see them in future seasons. 

As soon as the kids start finding the keys, their father’s past comes back to haunt them. His old friends, who used the keys when they were younger, start popping up and causing trouble for them. The kids use the keys for fun and to protect themselves. 

10/10 would recommend!