Big School vs Little School pros and cons


Weston Benton, Author

The student population at Palestine High School dipped this year below 90 for the first time in years, making a truly small school.  While our student population is set to go back up over the next few years, in the meantime, students are experiencing the advantages and disadvantages of small school attendance.

The first differences that come to mind are in sports.  There are many pro’s of going to a big school. For example, students at bigger schools have a higher chance of being scouted because the teams are better overall than those at smaller schools.  This doesn’t mean small schools aren’t good; there are just more opportunities to be scouted at bigger schools.  On the other hands, students who just want to play a sport for fun might not be able to at a larger school because try-outs would be competitive.  At a smaller school, everyone who goes out for a team makes the team and probably plays during the season.

Bigger schools also have more class choices, better technology, better funding, and usually more skill based classes like Auto and Welding.  On the other hand, class sizes might be quadrupled, meaning there are way more kids in the same class and the kids that need help are less likely to ever get help on their work because of all the other kids also needing help.  Bigger schools also tend to have more in school fighting going on, and in bigger cities, this might even include gang activity, making them far more dangerous than smaller schools in rural areas.

Smaller schools have many advantages, including fewer kids in the same classroom and more of an opportunity to get help if you need it from the teacher.  Small schools tend to be less dangerous since they are typically located in small towns. Although there may be less school funding, fewer classes offered, older books, and older computers.

Small schools are a very good place to go. They can teach you a lot and you actually get to engage in conversations with your teacher over how you feel in the class room and about the work that is going on in the room.