Senior So-long: Layni Branson


Nathan White

POSE! Layni Branson gets ready for her Senior So-long photo shoot. Layni has been hiding on these boxes in PE for four years. "I like jumping on the boxes" says Layni Branson.

Nathan White, Editor

Welcome back to Senior So-long, the love fest feature where we learn about the love filled class of 2020! This week’s guest, Layni Branson!

Layni was born on April 2nd, making her an… Aries! WHAT?!?

Layni is involved in Drama Club, History Club, and Yearbook.

She has made lots of memories in her four years of high school, but her favorites are making new friends every year, or Abbey McCord sliding down the ramp in roller skates.

When she graduates, Layni plans to use her scholarship money at LTC and then transfer to ISU or EIU to get her Master’s degree in mental health counseling. 

If she could redo something, she would try harder during her Freshman and Sophomore year.

Her favorite teacher(s) are Mr. Blank, Mr. Smith, and Mrs. Hyde, and Mrs. Inboden.

Updated teacher vote: Mrs. Inboden- 3, Mr. Blank- 3, Mrs. Cohorst-2, Mr Smith-4, Ms. Cutright-1, Mrs. Hyde-4 Dr. Walker-1