PGS Living Wax Museum

PGS Living Wax Museum

Nathan White, Editor

Tomorrow Wednesday, February 12th, at 5pm Palestine Grade School’s 4th and 5th graders will be hosting their second annual Living Wax Museum. The museum is interactive, and it honors influential people from history and the present. There is no charge at the door, but if you want to see the “wax statues” come to life, you drop a coin and the historical reporters will come to life and tell you their story. On Monday, students went live on 101.7 to talk about the Wax Museum.

Students do not choose their character, but do get to make a priority list of who they wish to be. The teachers then help pick which character would be best for their project. 

Mrs. Burkett’s 5th graders have been working hard to finish their projects. The students begin by reading the novel that corresponds with their character. Then they write an essay about their character. After that they work on their tri-fold boards that will be displayed at the event. The boards include a timeline of their character’s life, pictures, and a word cloud. “They have worked extremely hard and are now in the final phase of the project: speech rehearsal,” says Mrs. Burkett.

The Museum begins at 5 and ends at 6:30 at the Palestine Grade School. Don’t forget to bring your bag of coins!