Game Review: Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2017)

Tristian Richardson, author

Let’s dive into the first game review. Back in 2017, EA owned studio, Dice, remade the second Star Wars Battlefront 2, along with the first one a few years prior. It’s available on the Playstation 4, Xbox one, and on PC. The second game added a story, and has free DLCs (maps, characters, and unlockables) with each update. The game is quite interesting and fun. The plot of story (without spoilers) is about an imperial and her squad and what they did as the Death Star blew up, along with what they did after. The game runs smoothly, has amazing graphics, and is popular. It did have a rocky start because of microtransactions, and the first remake was horrible. Dice turned it around. They added more maps, more gameplay, removed what fans hated, added more of what fans wanted, and continuously gave more content to fans. The gameplay of the game is great. You can do Hero and Villain Battles where you fight as the main characters from the movies on various maps. You can also do small and large scale battles that are objective based. You can even do space battles –how awesome is that? Very awesome, if you ask me. There are several maps, expanding multiple planets that were in any of the many Wars movies. Jedi or Sith, Clone or CIS, Rebellion or Empire, even the New Rebellion and The First Order — you can choose what you want to fight in the galactic size war of of the ages.