Super Bowl Squares Fundraiser Comes to a Close

Those 49er’s though…


When the 49er’s got clapped on a national scale, it wasn’t the only good thing to happen on Sunday. Here on the Palestine front, the Student Senate did something… impressive, to say the least. We threw together an idea (Mr. Will did) to start the infamous Super Bowl Squares Raffle Ticket Fundraiser. With the hope of winning money ($250!), the participants bought a ticket ($10/ticket), which was randomly placed on the boards. The boards were arranged like graphs, with an axis for the ending digits of each team’s final score. Each participant received a square, and where they landed on the board correlated with the score they desired would happen, as it was written in marker (no changes were made). Personally, that last touchdown snubbed me of the $250 I so rightfully deserved by my dedication to the National Football League… and I am really good at sarcasm. Anyway, the two winners, Cynthia Stanfield and Aaron Fulling, won $250 a pop –congratulations by the way, but I digress. This fundraiser was a striking success, and it brought a whopping $900 to our beloved Student Senate. This will greatly help with the brand new water fountain, and with the bomb of the Winter Dance.


For what it’s worth, I hope you do it again.