Surfs Up!


Weston Benton, Author

Surfs Up is a great movie for the whole family to enjoy! You can’t find this in the movie theater anymore, but it can be found on Netflix for free and who doesn’t like free movies?

Surfs Up is about a young penguin that has wanted to surf his whole life, and he hasn’t had anyone to teach him because his parents were more proud of his brother than him so he left home to go do what he always dreamed of. When he was starting out he used to watch Big Z surf a lotj.  Big Z was a penguin that won a lot of the surf competitions and really started the surfing in the village. then My main man Cody Maverick which is the main character in the story stumbles upon big Z’s home and finds all of his surf boards and the big z wakes up and tells them to leave because he doesn’t want them around he left the village because he didn’t  like the fame he had and didn’t want to surf anymore.

Later in the movie Cody was begging big Z to teach him how to surf and big Z finally broke and said first you have to build your own board. at the begging of the lessons big Z wasn’t into it at all and tried to leave many times finally Cody Figured out how to surf and began to do competitions. At the end of the movie Cody was second in the competition going into the last round but the last round was the most dangerous because of where they were going. I will leave this here so I don’t tell you the whole movie.