Senior So-long: August Biernbaum


Nathan White

Want food? You can't have any. Struggling to look manly, August Biernbaum does the only thing he knows how: stands in front of the fridge and poses like a strong man. Author and Editor Nathan White asked me to do a pose after an interview, I had to do something great. This is the result. Nathan said of the event, "I think you were asserting dominance, it made me feel very small."

Nathan White, Editor

Hello! Welcome to the first ever Senior So-long! The heartbreaking newsletter where we say goodbye to the vision filled class of 2020, and learn about their past 4 years. The first So-long goes to the man who runs the whole school, August Biernbaum.

August was born June 10th, 2002 making him a Gemini. 

To start off, a favorite memory. August says his favorite memory is having lunch at Peg N’ Reds. From watching “Live PD” to celebrating birthdays, you never know what a lunch at Pegs will be like. I’m sure students to come will miss having his energy during their lunch period.

After high school August either plans to go straight to EIU for a Business Management degree or go to LTC to finish his generals.

August is involved in Scholastic Bowl, Drama Club, History Club, and is the Student Senate President. 

If he could go back and redo something, he would want to hang out with more people. 

August said he has a hard time when it comes to picking favorites so this semester’s teacher vote is starting out strong.

Mrs. Inboden- 1, Mr. Blank- 1, Mrs. Cohorst-1, Mr Smith-1, Ms. Cutright-1, Mrs. Hyde-1