Band Feature: Shinedown

Shyan Dunlap, Author

This feature’s band is from Jacksonville, Florida. Along with our last band, Shinedown formed in 2001 just a short 1,064.9 miles from Chicago. There are four members in Shinedown, Barry Kerch, Zach Myers Brent Smith and, Eric Bass. They have 6 studio albums, with the most recent being Attention Attention.  But their most famous album is said to be The Sound of Madness.

Barry Kerch is the drummer in this fantastic group of four. Brent Smith is the lead vocalist in the band. Meanwhile Zach Myers is the guitarist. Last but definitely not least Eric Bass is in fact a bassist but he also plays piano. The front-man for Shinedown is Brent Smith. If you haven’t heard of Shinedown I can honestly say I’m surprised considering our very own Ms. Cutright’s love for this band.

Shinedown has many hit songs with 26 singles. My personal favorites are “Bully”, “Call Me”and, “State of My Head.” Ms. Cutright’s favorite song by them is “If You Only Knew”. Shinedown is considered hard rock, post-grunge, alternative metal and, alternative rock.