Walmart grocery service

Levi Beard

If you have been to our local Walmart recently, you may have seen the new pick- up sign on the side of the building or in the parking lot.  In October, Walmart officially unveiled its new pick-up service. 

 The system is based online, so it requires you to get on the internet and enter the items on your shopping list and a pickup time.  Walmart  workers will collect your items and bring them to your vehicle for you on the day and time you chose.  

Now I’m sure there are many different opinions on whether this is a good idea or not. Say you’re running late somewhere after work or school and you’re not going to have time to stop and get the items you need.  Well, you can simply get on your cell phone, pick out your items and notify them when you’re on your way.  Another pro is for elderly people who can’t get out and move very well because believe it or not, walking around Walmart all day can really take a toll on your body.

Now with every good thing can also come some bad. Imagine at some point in your life that you don’t get out of the house and do any type of exercise activity such as walking.  In that case, going shopping could actually be really healthy for you.  Have you ever seen the people in the malls really early? They are exercising!  Another problem with this service is that this could make people develop lazy habits and in the near future most people won’t have the audacity to go out and work for anything.