Band Feature: Fall Out Boy

Band Feature: Fall Out Boy

Shyan Dunlap, Author

Fall Out Boy is a alt-rock band from Illinois’s very own Chicago. They started in Wilmette, which is a bedroom community north of Chicago. Three out of the four members are from Chicago, and the other is from Wisconsin, which isn’t that far from Chicago. But who are these members? That’s easy! Patrick Stump, Pete Wentz, Andy Hurley, and Joe Trohman. Fall Out Boy formed in 2001.

In most bands the singer is the most known person but not in Fall Out Boy. Patrick Stump is the lead singer, but he’s not the most known. Pete Wentz, on the other hand, is the bassist and lyricist for the band and the most known.  He does more interviews and publicity for the band. Andy Hurley is the band’s drummer and is not only famous for the band, but also his love for cross fit. Joe Trohman, the guitarist, is known for the Trohmania, a dance move he created where he spins around really fast while playing.

Pete and Patrick hold the record for the most interviews done in 24 hours. During their hiatus they all did their own thing. Patrick had a solo career during which he produced the album Soul Punk. Pete started a electropop/ dubstep group called Black Cards. Andy played in two different bands, one of which was Enabler. Joe was also in a band with Andy.

The band has had many well known songs throughout the 19 years they have been making music, not counting the hiatus. Probably one of the most known songs they have is “Sugar We’re Goin Down” from their 2005 album From Under the Cork Tree. Here is a video of all of their greatest hits, ENJOY 🙂