LTC Excellent Student Scholarship


Congratulations! Seniors, Sheltann Waller, Kendra Biggs, Abbey McCord and Seth Bailey hold certificates giving them full rides to LTC. These four have been the top four of their class all four years of High School. Abbey McCord said, " I am extremely grateful and appreciative!"

Nathan White, Editor


On Thursday, January 9th, four students were presented with full rides to Lincoln Trail College. Sheltann Waller, Kendra Biggs, Abbey McCord, and Seth Bailey were given the scholarships. These scholarships cover books, tuition, and any added fees. All of the students are excited to take summer classes so they can get their generals right out of high school.

Sheltann says, “I’m excited to use the scholarship for summer classes and get one full year of college credit.”

Kendra is also excited to take summer classes and get her generals done before she transfers to Kentucky.

Abbey said, “I am extremely grateful and appreciative and excited to use the scholarship in the summer and into Spring 2021.

Seth said he “feels great and I am positively ecstatic”