Freshman Introduction: Orion Christine


Nathan White, Editor

Welcome back to the last edition of Freshman Introduction, the jrhkg rhjfkb wfbkf where we learn about the last member of the class of 2023. This week’s finisher, Orion Christine.

Justice was born April 16 making him a Aries ♈️ .  Whaaat?!?! Where have I heard this birthday before???

His favorite Disney 🏰 movie is Aladdin ➿.

He plays baseball, football, track, and basketball, and cross country .  College fund 💰 whoop whoop! Whoop Whoop!

His favorite thing about high school is P.E. His least favorite thing about high school is math. Well buddy, you’re just getting started. Have fun with at least 2 more years of Pearson. 📙 omg?! I feel like I am having deja vu.

His favorite class is Biology 1 and his favorite teacher is Mr. Will. 📊

Updated Teacher Vote: Mr. Will-4📊Mrs Hyde-4📚 Mr. Smith- 6🧬 Mrs. L Adams- 1💃Mr. Blank- 1 🏀Mrs. Cohorst- 1👩‍🔬Mrs. Wartsbaugh- 1👩‍🎨 Ms. Cutright- 1🗺

Ta! Da! The winner of the freshman class teacher vote is Mr. Smith. Tied for second are Mr. Will and Mrs. Hyde.

Next semester’s articles will be about Seniors!!




The name of the articles will be Senior So lLongs!!!!!!!!