Freshman Introduction: Justice Christine

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Freshman Introduction: Justice Christine

Nathan White, Editor

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Welcome back to Freshman Introduction, the brainstorming topic where we learn about the freewriting class of 2023. This week’s angle, Justice Christine.

Justice was born April 16 making him a Aries ♈️ .  Who knows this birthday may come up in a future edition ???

His favorite Disney 🏰 movie is Cars 🚙 . Idk about you but Cars 2 was not good. Like yea there was a good plot but like why were there secret agents???

He plays baseball, football, track, and basketball. Woah almost like the sporty version of Dannika. College fund 💰 whoop whoop! Whoop Whoop!

His least favorite thing about highschool is math. Well buddy your just getting started. Have fun with at least 2 more years of Pearson. 📙

His favorite class is Biology 1 and his favorite teacher is Mr. Smith 🧪 

Updated Teacher Vote: Mr. Will-3📊Mrs Hyde-4📚 Mr. Smith- 5🧬 Mrs. L Adams- 1💃Mr. Blank- 1 🏀Mrs. Cohorst- 1👩‍🔬Mrs. Wartsbaugh- 1👩‍🎨 Ms. Cutright- 1🗺