Freshman Introduction: Jayden Nantz

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Freshman Introduction: Jayden Nantz

Nathan White, Editor

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Welcome back to Freshman Introduction, the vibe check where we learn about the whimsical class of 2023. The sufferer this week is Jayden Nantz.

Born on March 13th,  Jayden is a Pisces. ♓

Jayden’s favorite Disney movie is “Rapunzel.” Although technically there is not a Disney movie called Rapunzle, Tangled (2010)🐊 is a fun twist on the classic story.

Her extracurriculars include being involved in Pay It Forward, volleyball and basketball cheer.🏫 

Jayden does not have a favorite thing about school, but something she dislikes is the freshmen getting treated differently. I have no idea who would do that haha. 😳

Finally, her favorite class is English 1 and her favorite teacher is Mrs. Hyde📗

Updated teacher poll: Mr. Will-2🔢, Mrs. Hyde-2📘, and Mr. Smith-1🔬

That’s all for this edition. Now it’s time for a personal statement.

As you may know, I upload a Freshman Introduction every week. Unfortunately, due the numbers of the freshman class, I will have to double up on the articles per week. Freshman please do not take this as personal attack. If anything ask your parents what was in the water 04-05. 😰