Trick or Treat for Cans


Jade Monroe

Pay It Forward members pose with canned items collected during the 2019 Trick or Treat for Cans Halloween night.

Shyan Dunlap, Contributor

Pay It Forward club braved the cold on Halloween night along with the Trick or Treaters. But not for candy (though some kind people also gave candy). Instead they were collecting cans. Despite the cold slowing some people down, the club was still able to get a lot of cans. Pay It Forward Trick or Treated for cans to give to local food pantries.

If you saw or heard a shopping cart parading through the east side of Palestine, I must apologize and point out it was for a good cause.

Pay It Forward has been doing this for the past four years. They collected several trunk full of cans which they will split between Robinson and Palestine’s food pantries. The week before Halloween they hand out flyers explaining who, what, when and where they are doing, so people can be ready with cans to donate.