A Night At The Movies 9/30/19


Blake Knoblett

Robinson Eagle Theater

Blake Knoblett

You just walked out of the front doors of the school. As you walk out you realize, “I have nothing planned for tonight”. You think to yourself about things you can do tonight with your friends and then the answer clicks: the movies. You call your friends and agree on the movie you want to go see. You meet up, get your tickets and popcorn, and find the perfect place to sit as you watch the story unfold. Welcome To Eagle Theater.

Here is the current movie list for this week:

Abominable-  Rating: PG    Genre: Animation

Ad Astra- Rating: PG-13    Genre: SciFi/ Fantasy

Rambo: Last Blood-  Rating: R    Genre: Action/Adventure

Hustlers-  Rating: R    Genre: Drama

The Peanut Butter Falcon-  Rating: PG-13    Comedy


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