Homecoming Dance


Nick Booth, Abbey McCord, Nathan White and Layni Branson at the homecoming dance.

Layni Branson, Editor

On september 14th, student senate put on the homecoming dance.  Homecoming is a lot of fun, well for some people. The girls enjoy getting to dress up as in the boys do not seem to care as much. 


The week leading up to the homecoming dance is usually pretty fun. It’s a small break from school work and a chance to have fun with your friends! 


At the end of all of our dances, the song “Friends In Low Places” is played. When this song comes on, usually everyone will join in a big circle and sing. This year, a little spice was added. Everyone was in the usual big circle and then the seniors made their own little circle in the middle. Many tears were flowing at that time. 


Overall many said that “it was the best homecoming they had been to.”