Bonfire 2019

Nathan White, Editor

Last night was the 2019 bonfire. Following tradition, right after the parade everyone throws basically their whole float on the unlit fire. Then everyone goes to the chili supper inside. Even though it was 91 degrees, there was still a good turn out, and all proceeds were given to the Walker Daugherty family this year.

After a small issue with departing football players, the cheerleaders began their dance they spend hours teaching the players.

Then began the games, which included Hula Hoop relay, Ships and Sailors, and Blindfold Musical Chairs.

After that was the annual snake dance to the fire.  At the fireside, all classes did their class chants, the juniors were the loudest this year. Then the senior football players gave their goodbyes and thank yous with a special dedication to Brennen Burkett who had his game-watching chair set on fire. After everyone took their pictures it was time to head home after a fun-filled day with friends and family.