2019 Coed Volley Ball Tournament

Brody Miller, contributor

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On the second day of Homecoming Week, the most hyped up event other than Jag Day itself happened: the Coed Volleyball tournament. It was standard tournament rules– winner and loser bracket, single game to 15, then the championship game goes to 25.

The first game was the sophomores vs the juniors and the sophomores won 15-9.

The second game was the seniors vs the freshmen and the main man Brody Miller served 14 straight points for the seniors to win 15-3.

Then the juniors played the freshman for the third and fourth place spots and Gavin Besing took over in this game, spiking all over the freshman for a junior win 15-7.

Then it was the last game of the day, the seniors vs sophomores in the championship game going to 25. The seniors had a rough start going down 7-3, but then August Biernbaum started serving and took the seniors up to 8-7. They tied it 8-8, and Summer Agan took the seniors to the motherland, putting them up 23-8. Then the sophomores messed up, giving the seniors the ball back. Perry Miller served the final point, giving the seniors back-to back Volleyball Tournament wins for 2018 and 2019.