The New Girl on the Block


Nathan White

Jayden Nantz is the newest and only girls' volleyball player on the 2020 Lady Tigers volleyball team.

Nathan White and Layni Branson

It has been three months since Macy Biggs and Allison Dunlap left the halls of PHS, and their role as the only Palestine Volleyball girls for the past four years. However, freshman Jayden Nantz, an outside hitter, has stepped up to the net to join their legacy.

Jayden says it feels “pretty good” to be first new PHS volleyball player in four years and she says she plans to play “all four years!”

Early in the summer it was assumed that other freshmen were playing in the upcoming season along with her. However, when the practices started Jayden was the only girl playing.

Freshman Shara Coffman had planned to play, but she said, “open gyms had a conflicting schedule with my football cheer practices. The coach said the open gyms were not mandatory, but if you didn’t show up you were less likely to play during games.” 

Last year’s volleyball season was not without controversy. A long time Palestine volleyball player quit because of complications with the coach.  It appears as though some of the other freshman girls apparently dropped out of the sport because they knew of the problems and decided not to play.  

Hopefully this year’s season of volleyball will be a successful season free of controversy.  We wish Jayden the best of luck for her first year of high school volleyball and for every year she plays after!