Importance of Buying a Yearbook!

Dallas Kidwell, Editor

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Yearbooks are for sale right now.  So why buy a yearbook?

It is important to buy a yearbook so that in 10 years you know what you looked like in high school. Your children will want to know what you looked like and they will want to see how lame or cool you were. If you get a yearbook all 4 years, you could see how much you have changed throughout your high school career. A yearbook is supposed to help remind you, in the future, of the great times you had in past.

Wondering how you can order a yearbook this year? There are two options that you have. You can see Mrs. Hyde and order your year book from her, or you can go to Yearbooks are $45 and if you have missed out on buying one in the past couple of years, there are some extra in the office from past years that you can order.