Old Chicago Pizza and Taproom Review

Allison Dunlap, Editor

Old Chicago Pizza and Taproom is a new restaurant located in Vincennes, Indiana. It is situated in what was an old movie theater and then was turned into a church. Since the building was an old movie theater, there is an old time showing sign that still works making the front of the building shine bright and it really gets your attention going down the street. The have great food from burgers, to pastas, and of course, pizza!


Old Chicago is part of a multi-brand company that is headquartered in Broomfield, Colorado. They are known for owning several restaurants including their most famous Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant, Rock Bottom Restaurant Breweries and Old Chicago. Old Chicago started in Boulder, Colorado in 1976. It was actually opened as just a taproom at that time.


Their food has been designed to go with their craft beers, but being underaged, I don’t know what that combination taste like. They have a variety of burgers, fresh salads, and pastas, in addition to their classic pizza, and they even offer a gluten free pizza crust option! I personally enjoy the burgers that have there. Anything that has an egg on it excites me and when I saw they have a burger with a fried egg on it, I was all about it! I plan on going back to try the chicken pesto mac n’ cheese very soon.


The atmosphere is what this company is all about. It is like a classic sporting bar with a T.V. anywhere you look. They always have some type of sport playing from football to baseball and even Nascar. When you walk into the building the ceilings are low but when you keep walking to the middle of the restaurant, it opens up! The ceilings gets much higher, and you can see all of the different seating styles they offer.


Every different seating area gives you a different experience. If you sit in the more quaint, composed areas it has more of a romantic, close feeling which would be good for a date night or casual dining experience. But if you sit in the open area it has more of the exciting, loud, and somewhat chaotic feeling. If you are wanting to have a fun time with friends or are wanting to go watch a game, race, or boxing event you most definitely want to sit in the open area.


Old Chicago also has a rewards program that you can sign up for. This costs nothing to join, and when you do join, you receive a free appetizer up to $10 after your first transaction! If you enjoy this restaurant enough and go there a lot, I would suggest joining the program. They also advertise that with this system, you can get your food quicker, so that could benefit your family as well.


The thing Old Chicago is most famous for is their craft beers. They encourage visitors to try their different flavors, even if you’re not familiar with this field. They take their crafting very seriously. As they explain on their website,” We believe craft brewing is an art, as much as it is a science.” They also offer mini-tours where you can go sample 8-10 different kinds of craft beers and you get a t-shirt afterwards, but remember, you must be the age of 21 or older.


I think that this place is awesome! They have such a wide range of food to choose from that almost anyone can go there. From their burgers to their gluten free options, this restaurant is a great pick for date night or it has the perfect atmosphere to eat while you enjoy the Super Bowl! I recommend going here anytime of the day. They are very busy, though, and I suspect it will be that way for a long time!