Junior Spotlight: Levi Beard


Ashtin Guyer

This weeks Junior Spotlight is Levi Beard.

Ashtin Guyer, Editor

This week’s junior spotlight is 16 year old Levi Beard. Throughout his three years in high school, he has determined that his favorite part is being young, and his favorite subject and teacher would have to be geography and Mr. Will. Levi is also active in OPH football and encourages those who want to play to definitely do it. His best advice for someone wanting to join the team would be to work hard in the off-season for the best results in the end. His advice to incoming freshman would be, “Work hard because everything in high school matters in your future.” When I asked Levi what something interesting about himself that people do not know, he said that he has a kind heart. If anyone needs advice about sports or high school in general, Levi would be one to ask.