E. coli breakout still going on

Macy Biggs, contributor

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On November 20, the FDA notified the United States of the contamination of Romaine lettuce.  This lettuce was exposed to a strain of E. coli, which was from a irrigation system that provided the plants with water.  Farms in California on the Central Coast, including northern and central CA, were the producers of the contaminated Romaine.  This was traced to a farm in Santa Maria, CA, but there were also several other sources.

If you are not able to tell where your lettuce is from, it is not safe to eat.  Remember that washing lettuce with water will not get rid of the E. coli. The specific cause of the incident is still being investigated, and because of this, PHS does not offer romaine lettuce at the moment.  However, it is available in grocery stores, but always know where your lettuce comes from before eating it!