Girls Basketball against Dieterich

Myla Messinger, Contributor

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On Tuesday January 8, the Lady Pioneers played the Lady Maroons at Dieterich. They had a slow beginning. They made some baskets, then all of a sudden the scoring just stopped until the second half.

In the first quarter the Ladies Pioneers kept up with the Maroons. They were doing very well rebounding and boxing out. Both teams were hustling to get the ball before it went out of bounds.

In the second quarter the Lady Pioneers were trying to keep up with the Lady Maroons and they were all over the court trying to get the ball back. The Lady Pioneers made a few baskets, but the Maroons made some as well.

In the third quarter the Lady Pioneers made most of their points. They made about 20 points in the third quarter.  They could’ve worked on their rebounds better in the third quarter.

In the fourth quarter it all went down. Most of the Lady Pioneers shot some good shots. The rest of the team did not rebound and go back up with it.

At least at this game no one got hurt and no one got a concussion. At the end of the game the girls were talking about what they did wrong and how they could fix it. Good try last night, Lady Pioneers. The final score of last night’s game was 61-31.