Christmas Friends, Christmas Trends

One of the notes hidden in the tree on Christmas morning, before Nalaney and I have our scavenger hunt.

Ashtin Guyer, Editor

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” When you hear these words, most everyone will know what season is being talked about. It takes them to a place of colorful lights, mistletoe, and family. Christmas has that magic that makes one feel as though he or she is a child again. They will begin to remember the fun times and the family traditions that they had when they were younger. Many who feel this Christmas magic and remember their past will carry on these family traditions and fun to their children, who hopefully will do the same as they get older. This is what makes Christmas so special for so many. Each family celebrates Christmas in a different way. This is because of all the traditions each family shares. Most families will celebrate the same traditions, but others will vary depending on the family.

Some of the more common family traditions include going to church on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day with their loved ones, going to see your town’s Christmas tree or Christmas lights, and lastly, having family all come together for Christmas dinner. These are just a few of many Christmas traditions shared by people all across the nation. Along with these common traditions, families will also celebrate traditions that have been passed on throughout the generations. Senior Allison Dunlap says, “Every year while we are opening presents, we will watch the movie, A Christmas Story.” It is traditions like this that make Christmas special for each and every family.

As for the traditions in my house, on Christmas morning, my sister and I will hide our presents for each other, and create notes and clues that will lead us to our present. My sister, Nalaney says, “I always enjoy hiding the notes, but it can sometimes be hard to decide what to write on them, and where you want to hide the present.” Along with this tradition, my family will take the whole day off and away from the barn, except for feeding and everyday chores, and if you know us at all, you know that there are very few days that you will ever find us away from the barn. This becomes extremely hard for my mom as this is what she does every day, so when there is a day when she can sit back and relax with family, it must be a holiday, because that is normally the only time you will find her in our house. She says, “Christmas is my favorite holiday and I love to cook and bake for my family. ”

One last family tradition we have in our house is that we will always host Thanksgiving and Christmas at our house. We will have my dad’s side of the family over, and will normally celebrate with my mom’s side in Ohio a few days after. I always enjoy when we have family over to our house for the holidays, because that means that I can spend all day in the kitchen with my mom and sister cooking and preparing for dinner, while my dad watches football.

This Christmas will be a little different for my family. We will be spending Christmas on the beach with some close friends. Hopefully Santa will be able to find us there. This will be a whole new experience for us, as we have always been home for Christmas, but I’m sure it will be nothing short of amazing! My dad, Dave, says, “As much as I love the holiday, I am excited to be spending it on the beach with my family, and as long as they are with me, my Christmas will be complete.”

Christmas is one of my favorite holidays, and like my dad said, no matter where we spend it, as long as I am with my family, I will be having a very Merry Christmas.  

Aside from all the family traditions, it is always fun to hear when others think of the holiday as well. For me, this is my favorite holiday, and for others, it may be their least favorite. Some will listen to Christmas carols from November 1st to January 15th and then there will be others who will maybe listen to them on Christmas Day, and that will be enough for them. Maybe some will start preparing Christmas dinner days in advance, and others might just enjoy taking one dish to someone else’s home so that they do not have to cook as much. It is amazing to me how there are so many opinions of this holiday, probably more than any other holiday, some good and some bad, but I guess that comes with the season of the snow and cold weather. Maybe this is why there are so many who dislike this holiday, but if you focus on the true meaning of the season, and forget about the cold snow, then maybe you will like it more. This holiday is so special, and friends and family can come together to share each other’s company, and most importantly spread their family traditions with all those around them. It truly is, “the most wonderful time of the year!”