Senior Spotlight: Grace Correll

Ashtin Guyer, Editor

Senior, Grace Correll, is this week’s senior spotlight! She talks about some tips that will help you through high school, along with the memories she has made.

Grace’s best advice for incoming students is to stay out of drama. She says although it is hard, you need to try to stay out of it. Grace also says to take nutrition classes, because they are her favorite. With senior year comes many memories she will never forget. She says the thing she will miss most will be being able to see her friends every day like she has for the last four years!

Grace’s favorite part of high school is, like most, senior year! With this, Grace has many big decisions to make in the near future. Grace planes to attend USI in Evansville for four years, where she will major in radiology and minor in nursing, and after this, she hopes to go to medical school and become a nuclear radiologist and eventually have a family of four! We wish Grace the best of luck as she takes the next step into her future!