Loans for College?

Loans for College?

College is overly expensive in my opinion. I feel like you shouldn’t have to take out loans to further your education.

On average, a year’s worth of college is $26,027, and over a span of four years, it can be more than $104,108. The prices of college have increased 170% over the last 40 years. People get it held against them if they don’t go to college, but they also don’t want to be in debt their whole lives.

Some people believe that the loans help to build credit. Some say a benefit is not having to pay in full. Others do it for financial support, but personally I don’t feel like we should have to sit and worry about whether we are going to get our college loans paid for.

If we just lowered college tuition, I feel as if we would have more people attend college and we would have a more educated population. Most people don’t attend college because of the cost of it.

Students shouldn’t have to take out loans to further their education. College should just simply be less expensive.

My position in this argument is that we should take out loans before college. Student loans help build your credit which will help you in the long run. You do not have to pay your tuition in full when you get student loans. Student loans help you enjoy college without the worry of not being able to pay. Student loans provide financial support for students who would otherwise be unable to attend college. Though debt can build fast, you are not having to pay your tuition up front.

Some think that college is too expensive. They think that we would have a more educated population if we didn’t have to take out loans. Despite this I see student loans as helpful, not hurtful.

College may be very expensive, but there are more educated people in our population because they took out student loans. Without student loans, the price of college would stay the same and attendance would decrease severely because of the people who can not afford it.

To end my argument I think that student loans are only available for the sake of helping us go to college. Most students have to take out student loans for college because without them, they can’t afford to go. Though college being so expensive stinks, this is a realistic solution for most people.

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