Should We Have a Dress Code?

Should We Have a Dress Code?

Dress Good, Feel Good

Throughout years of school, students typically have heard of dress code. Not only have you probably heard of dress code but you may have faced the rules and faced the consequences of breaking those rules. Those rules are there for a reason. Without a dress code, people dress inappropriately, students can become distracted, and having a dress code creates order and safety.

In today’s society, there are constantly new clothing trends. These trends are not always appropriate for school. With that being said, there are school appropriate trends that can be worn to school. Not all trends have to be inappropriate. Those trends that are inappropriate can always be styled to where they can be worn appropriately to school.

Without a dress code and inappropriate clothing, students can easily become distracted. Without a dress code, there would be no limit to the amount of skin you would have to cover and the amount of skin that could be showing. This can become distracting for students.

A dress code creates order and image for our school. People from our community are constantly seeing high school students in public and in pictures and the image the students are portraying based on their outfits can change a person’s opinion about our school. Dress code also provides safety among students.

There are many students who think dress code shouldn’t exist, but without it, there would be no line as to what is inappropriate clothing at school. Some people also claim that dress code among boys and girls is unfair, and I can see where this may occur in certain situations. Dress code should be followed every school day no matter if there are dress up days or special occasions such as Jag Day.

To solve this issue, girls and boys should both be aware of the same dress code. Everyone should be following the rules.

Dress code assures appropriate clothing and without it, schools would lack assurance of safety, order, and image.

No Dress Code, No Problem

One of the many controversial topics schools have to cover in their school handbook is the schools student body dress code. Everyone including, parents, teachers, students, faculty, have completely different opinions on this matter. I personally have a very strong opinion on this issue from a female students point of view.

As a 17 year old female, I get discriminated against enough from society. School is the last place I want to go to to get discriminated against, yet the staff and faculty have found a way to do so. The student body dress code is a suggestive act targeted towards the female students that attend high school. These rules greatly affect the way female students are allowed to dress to school everyday, while barely doing so to the male students. Everyday girls come to school feeling targeted, not knowing what is going to be the problem with their appearance that day. I too have been a victim of this hateful rule.

I do see the reason to have a dress code. A line does have to be drawn at some point as to what is appropriate and what’s not appropriate. But I do believe there are too many restrictions to the dress code. Rules against tank tops, crop tops, shorts, and rips in jeans I think are a bit extreme. There is a way to wear these items and still be tasteful about them. In our generation, it is hard to come by clothing that follows these rules when shopping. It is nearly impossible. I think these items should be allowed to be worn to school as long as it is tasteful, and the important things are covered appropriately.

Another topic concerning the dress code I would like to shed light on is the discrimination. The majority of the rules included in the dress code are enforced on the female students, although I believe favoritism plays a role on this side as well. I would like to see more rules enforced on the male students, and see every female student be treated equally, all with the same consequences. If schools would like to make a change, and make all of their students feel welcomed and comfortable, they would create a dress code equal for all the student body.

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