Should Students Have Homework or Not?

students should have homework
students should have homework
Zoey Rinesmith

Students should not have any homework!

What’s the point? Studies have shown that at least 40% of all classes don’t do the assigned homework. There is very little benefit to doing homework and very little cost for doing it. Some students are too busy with sports and stressful home lives to do homework. 

Class work can be done in class together. Have time for students to try it on their own before the class period ends. If there is work assigned in class that the student doesn’t finish, then it is up to that student as to whether or not they do it at home and therefore they accept the consequences, good or bad, for not doing it. If said classwork is not done at home, no points should be docked, but if it is, then extra credit can be given.

Now, you might argue that homework is beneficial for students to do work on their own at home. That’s just simply not possible in this generation. In this generation, if kids do not have sporting events or after school activities, they immediately go to their rooms and indulge in the world of technology. 

Let’s say they do the homework at home. The internet has plenty of ways for students to cheat and have access to answers for said homework. Therefore, since they are looking up the answers, they aren’t learning how to do it on their own. 

It is much more beneficial for students to not have homework, but instead have classwork that is done together in class and the teacher is there if students have any issues or questions.


Students should have homework! It is necessary for students to learn. Though many students would disagree. Homework allows for many advantages in a student’s life that are important for school, and careers and home lives after school.

Homework teaches students to set priorities, time management, problem solve, to take responsibility, to work independently, plan, organize, and to take action. These skills will help students throughout their life in their careers, home life, and hobbies. No matter how old you get there will be problems, homework is planting this skill early to allow for growth. You have to take responsibility for you and your actions, no matter your age or education level, so teachers are starting this early. It is vital to plan for anything and everything. However you cannot plan if you are not organized, and willing to take the step to start it.
Homework allows students to practice skills, to consolidate learning, practice knowledge retrieval, to prepare for future lessons. Homework builds independent learning skills, develops other skills such as self regulation and organization. All of which, are necessary for happy and healthy lifestyle in students education and life afterwards.
Homework allows teachers to see how well their students are learning their lessons. This enables teachers to adjust to help their students to the best of their abilities. Homework also gives parents a chance to see what is being taught in their child’s classes. This may not seem important, however it is. It is your parents job to care for and teach their children also. Therefore if they do not want you to learn something specific quite yet, they need to know!
Although many will argue that students don’t even do the homework they are assigned so why even give it to them? It is vital for their education, and if they choose not to do it, it is only harming themselves.

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