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I’m sure many students would agree that having the option to go off campus for lunch would have many more pros than con’s. The main reason I would like to see open campus come back to our school is that this time off campus gives me time throughout the day to relax and forget about the stress that school brings. It would also give students the option to eat a variety of different foods rather than the one option the school offers. I feel that open campus lunch teaches students responsibility, while providing us with a much-needed break from our day. It would teach us that trust is easy to lose but hard to earn.

Open campus would be a privilege and not a right. If we decide to participate in open campus, we will have to be responsible and ensure we make it back to school on time for our next class. Open campus also will offer more support to small local businesses such as The Palestine Meat Market. Students may go to The Palestine Meat Market for a sandwich. The downside to open campus is that students may not choose the healthiest lunch options on their own, students may act impulsively and make poor unsupervised choices, and it will cost the students or their parents more to eat at home rather than on campus. With school lunches being 100% free right now it is a no brainer to eat at school! Overall, I believe that if a student is responsible, they would be able to respond well to an open campus policy.

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 I am Preston Cooper, a high school junior navigating the halls with a curious mind and a heart full of ambition. I'm all about finding the balance between academics, friends, and those unforgettable moments that shape who we become. Whether I'm studying , hanging out with my friends, or simply enjoying the rhythm of everyday life, I'm here to make the most of this incredible journey. Join me as I embrace the challenges and triumphs of being a junior in high school, and together, let's create memories that'll last a lifetime.

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