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Musical Chairs and Volleyball

Cydney Pethtel
Junior class playing volleyball against the sophomore class.

After taking class pictures, Mr. Will got the daily games started out by telling us the ranking of the classes and the winner of the float competition. The winner of the float competition was the SENIOR CLASS! Then the sophomores came in second, juniors third, and freshman last. As to be expected for the ranking of the classes, the freshmen were in last place, followed by the juniors in third, then sophomores in second, and the seniors were leading the way.

To start off the daily games, all of the classes competed in blindfolded musical chairs. Each class had two students participate in each round. In the first round, junior Daylen Beckes showed off her awesome dance moves, and she was probably the best dancer out there. However, Daylen’s dance moves didn’t help her win musical chairs because the sophomores took a victory in the first round. The second round was the same story as the sophomores took another victory. Finally, the freshman won the third and final round of musical chairs.

Since there was still plenty of time left, Mr. Will had the classes play volleyball to add on to the points. First up was the rivals, seniors vs sophomores. While it was an intense game, unfortunately the seniors came up short and lost the game. Sophomore Riley Blank was absolutely dominating the game by spiking the ball really well, and the seniors just couldn’t stop him.  In the second game it was the juniors vs freshmen. The juniors ended up winning the game after the freshman put up a tough fight. The championship game was a close one. The juniors and sophomores were pretty much tied for the entire game, but in the end the sophomores got ahead and won the game. Just for fun, the seniors played staff members. Mrs. Inboden, Ms. Huffington, Mrs. Hyde, Ms. Meadows, Mr. Riley, and Mr. Will were all brave enough to face the seniors. In the end, the seniors won against the staff, but it was a good game.

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