Two Line Scary Stories…. from PHS Journalism class!

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I heard by brother scream. Too bad I’m an only child.         –Lindsay Ryan

It was her first time being able to trick or treat with her friends, and she was in her bedroom changing. She did’t know I had been watching her for weeks trying to find the right outfit.                — Quentin Postlewaite

My dog likes to lick my hand. If only I had a dog…         — Dallas Kidwell

As I turned the corner and laid my eyes on the cemetery, I saw the shadow of a man towering over the mausoleum. I approached the building and saw something no one ever wants to see.                    — Macy Biggs

I was lying in my bed and felt something against my leg. Too bad I live alone.      — Kelsey Lanham

I was walking listening to the sound of my footsteps. I stopped and the footsteps kept going.      — Allison Dunlap

I have had an insatiable hunger for manslaughter my entire life, but all the murders I’ve done have never been good enough. Tonight on Halloween night, I will fulfill my hunger.                                 — Brendyn Piper

My sister has been scratching at my door for hours now. I guess she hasn’t forgiven me for hitting her with my car.    — Nathan More

I heard a bang, I was terrified and frantic, with my heart racing. I look down and I am covered in blood, so I turn around and I see a faceless nun.    — Mackenzie Myers

Finally to his car he drove away from there as fast as he could. When he felt safe enough to breathe a voice from the back seat said, “Leaving so soon?”            — Quentin Postlewaite

I was having a nightmare one night, one where I was being hunted down by people. Scary thing is, I never woke up from this nightmare.  — Grace Correll

I’m having a hard time finishing this sentence in this love letter. Especially since she keeps moving, the knife isn’t sharp enough, and there is not much space left on her face.        — Quentin Postlewaite

The fiery pits of hell warmed my skin. Home at last.     — Cooper Meadows

Pit Pat, Pit Pat….I try to ignore the footsteps and continue to rest, because I know if I open my eyes she will be there. She will be ready to kill because she is never scared.      — Mackenzie Myers


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