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Solar Panels Being Installed at PGS

Solar Panels at PGS

Solar panels are a safer and a more environmentally-friendly way to produce electricity. They convert sunlight into energy using photovoltaic cells, which generate electrons when exposed to light. These said electrons then flow through a circuit and produce DC(direct current) electricity, which can be stored in batteries or used to power various devices.

Superintendent and PGS Principal Jessica Sisil loves the idea of solar panels and has implemented the use of them for PGS. The most obvious benefit to having solar panels is the cost savings.  Solar energy should help the district save money. According to Sisil, “Once the initial investment is made, solar energy is essentially free, and any excess energy generated can be sold back to the grid, generating additional revenue for the school.”

Another concern that the district was able to address by installing solar panels is the carbon footprint left by PGS.  Because solar energy is clean and renewable, they enable the school to drastically reduce its carbon footprint without contributing to climate change. 

A good benefit to the addition of solar panels was also the educational opportunities. “Installing solar panels can provide hands-on learning opportunities for students. It allows them to understand the science behind solar energy, learn about sustainability, and become more aware of the importance of renewable energy sources,” Sisil said.

Another beneficial factor of these solar panels is the engagement from the community. Installing solar panels could possibly put schools in as a leader in the community and inspire other businesses and people to follow suit.

A final contributing factor is independence.  Usage of solar panels in schools means that they are less reliant on the power grid, hopefully ensuring that there is uninterrupted learning.

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