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Who Really is Mr. Riley?

Racecars to teaching?
Alix Bennett
Racecars to teaching?

Last year we got a new science and math teacher, Mr. Riley, although what he really wanted to teach was just science. He didn’t always want to be a teacher; he originally wanted to work with engineering race cars!

As a teacher with autism, he has been able to be an advocate for students with special needs. As someone who also has autism, it has been really helpful seeing a teacher doing his job with it; it gives me hope for myself.

He has a piece of advice for us,

“In effect, show up an be ready to work. It takes being there and it takes the right amount of work ethic to succeed at any job that you’re in.”

to which he also added,

“Don’t just give the bare minimum, and when you’re working don’t be the person who has to be babysat. If you see something that has to be done, do it.”

I think that the last part of his quote is more important in the real world than just school.

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Alix Bennett, Author
Hi! My name's Alix Bennett, and I like frogs (hence the frog hat🐸). I am currently a high school student here at Palestine High School as well as a dual credit student at LTC, and a summer volunteer at George Rogers Clark National Historic Park. I want to be an ecologist, as well as a writer and artist on the side. My favorite artist is Pidgin Dolls, and my favorite musicians are Penelope Scott, cavetown, and Skydxddy. I'm a Neopagan, which means my religion is based on natural cycles and the spirits thereof. My pronouns are She/Her. I'm a huge Pokemon and DnD fan, and I love learning about all kinds of things, such as frogs, insects, mushrooms, frogs, plants, geology, frogs, space, history, frogs, and other subjects. And also frogs. I like frogs. I want to be needlessly kind. If people can needlessly hate strangers, I can needlessly love strangers.

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