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    PHS Back to School

    Most of the student body and faculty here at PHS are unique individuals, with many new faces in the building it is necessary to get to know some of them and the ones that are not so new!

    One of those new faces, is Ms. Veach. Mrs. Veach played softball throughout high school and loved it. She had an amazing summer. According to Ms. Veach, this summer was good because, “I got to watch my daughter learn how to swim.”

    One of those familiar faces is Peg who has many memories from PHS. One of her favorites is last school year during the Ugly Sweater contest and Mr. Smith wore Mr. Blank on his sweater. Before she gave us this memory she pulled out her classic line,”Hmm. Let me think.” which always brings a smile to students faces.

    Another student that is familiar to these halls is Kaz Webster, she loves cosmetology and plans to attend school to become a cosmologist. As a senior, many of them are thinking about where they want to attend school and what for. It seems that for Kaz, half of that is figured out.

    One of those new faces is freshman, Brylee Tingley. She is looking forward to Homecoming this year. And according to Brylee. “English is the best class because Mrs. Hyde is funny.”

    Another familiar face is Ace Zink. Ace had an awesome summer while traveling to Boston, and New York, and seeing Sweeney Todd the musical on Broadway.

    Another student familiar with these halls is Lauren Duffield who loves to eat Taco Bell for lunch. Of course the rest of the student body is jealous of anyone who brings fast food in. Lauren has enjoyed school so far, mainly their favorite class which is, “US. History, because the teacher is nice and cool.”

    Another familiar face here at PHS, is Mrs. Inboden, while teaching she is also involved in Student Senate, Sponsoring the class of 2024, Sponsoring FCS, and heading the Garden Team.

    One more familiar face is Adriana Taylor. Outside of school Adriana likes to relax in her room.

    Another familiar face is Ms. Meadows. When she is not here teaching she enjoys watching Youtube videos.

    The last familiar face is Haley Murdock. Haley had many memories from the years here at PHS but one that is held close is her Junior prom. She has not had that much fun in a long time.

    To the freshman:

    “Fake it till you make it.” – Haley Murdock

    “Take it seriously.” – Ms. Meadows

    “Don’t scared to ask for help.” – Adriana Taylor

    “Make friends with upperclassmen.” -Mrs. Inboden

    “Don’t be obnoxious.” – Ace Zink

    “Enjoy the journey and stay positive.” -Kaz Webster



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    Hi! I am a senior and I am involved in scholastic bowl, drama club, history club, pay it forward, gardening club and I love to take photos. I have a social media platform that is dedicated to my photography called, zoeymae_photography. I work hard to make them the best they can be. I also own my own business, Zoey Mae Creations. I work at Cup Of Joy through the week and on my businesses whenever I can!
    Haley Murdock
    Haley Murdock, Author
    My name is Haley Murdock.  I joined Journalism to get more experience with writing. My favorite aspect of this class is the Photography aspect. I also like that we get to interview different people that most probably haven't interacted with, which helps me to learn more about the people I go to school with.

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