Almost There but Almost Gone.


Zoey Rinesmith, Editor

As I look back at this past year and the years previous I am thankful for everything that I have experienced. This year was… well amazing. I had an experience I will forever be thankful for, Crawford County CEO. The people that I met through that program will be my mentors and friends for many years to come. I legalized my businesses and can now sell my products and photos at markets, online, and through other stores, gaining more business and eventually allowing this to be my full time job thanks to CEO.

I went to my second rodeo, took almost 2,000 pictures, broke my camera lens, and decided I will definitely be returning next year. Football season was fun as always and even though we did not win any games this year, we held our head up high and had a good season. Homecoming week, my favorite week of the school year. This week is special to me because I love seeing all of my fellow classmates dressing up and competing in games and talking with people they never would have out of this week. And to top it all off, the Homecoming dance. All three schools come together to celebrate the season and just have a good time. Then I had the best birthday ever! It started with breakfast with my best friend Dannika, and then I had Texas Roadhouse with my family! BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!

Preparation for drama club productions comes shortly after. This year we decided three mini plays were the choice and went with it. I preformed in all three of the plays and loved every second of it. The first, My Fed Ex Christmas Request,  was stress filled but hilarious. A cast mate turning up sick before the day of the performance… causes for stress. Dannika, the other elf, stepped up, learned his part, and performed it the next day, while Ahyla Abel preformed Dannika’s part. The second A Christmas Chaos, well fits its name. It was chaotic and absolutely amazing to bring to life. I was not supposed to perform in the third, Cafe Murder, until a few days before the production. Another cast member turned up sick and there I was landing another part in the play, and it turned out to be one of my favorite parts to play.

After Christmas break hit and we were back in school, it truly hit me how close we were to the end of the year, and how close it was to my best friend graduating. But, we were not there yet. We still had so much left, including something I had never experienced before, Winter Ball. It was one of my favorite nights of my high school career so far. We also had Scholastic Bowl, where I met one of my best friends, Gracelyn. We had a great Scholastic Bowl season, making it all the way to sectionals and getting second overall! For the second time we went to Young Women Lead, a women’s conference at LTC. Then we started prep for our spring drama production, which was originally Grease… but that changed to Alice in Wonderland, where I played the Mad Hatter. It was one of my favorite characters ever and I was thankful I could bring him to life. Then here we are… the day that I never thought would come– I was going to prom. I went with one of my very close friends and we shook it off the whole time.

The day I was excited for the day I had dreaded the whole school year, graduation. I had to let my best friend walk across that stage and not cry as I tried to take pictures for the yearbook. News flash, I failed. I watched my best friend graduate, then got in a car and left immediately to get to another graduation. My cousin walked across the stage and I cried some more.

Now I am writing this thinking of next year… next year that will be me. I am going to walk that stage next year. But before that I am crazy excited for so much! I excited for senior photos, Homecoming, football, Scholastic Bowl, putting together my last yearbook, and so much more. I can’t wait to apply for scholarships and college (Go Sycamores! Maybe…)

I am ready for my last year at PHS to be a bang. I am ready to leave my mark and walk that stage!