The PHS Experience


Senior picture with my sick car

Elliott meadows , Editor

My four years at PHS have been a crazy good time– well, sometimes just crazy, but that’s besides the fact. I have had many good experiences and some bad, but who doesn’t have bad experiences at school? Let me tell you about them. 

Some of my best experiences and some of my favorite all time memories will be being in Mr. Smith’s class. I have had a ton of fun in his classes, and I am so glad that I decided to take biology all four years of high school. Not only have I just enjoyed the class but I’ve enjoyed being around Mr. Smith too. I’m sure everyone in the school can agree with me on that, too. There was never a dull moment in Mr. Smith’s classroom.

Another one of my best memories I have from PHS is being on the track team. Although I wasn’t even able to compete my freshman year because of Covid I have still had a blast being on the team the past four years. Sometimes I hated it, but most of the time I have loved it. Track has brought me many new friends and memories. I even met one of my best friends on the track back in 8th grade. I know it wasn’t during high school, but I figured I should mention it because ever since then, he and I have been very close. This is why I would encourage everyone to at least try a new sport.

Another one of greatest experiences ever at PHS were the dances. I’ve always really enjoyed going to these dances, and I always make the best of them when I go. If you didn’t know me, you would think I am one of the quietest kids ever. But man, you should see me at these dances. I’m always jumping around, screaming lyrics to the songs, and just overall having a great time. I will never forget the memories I have made at these dances.

One of my biggest regrets is not doing as many sports and being included in as many clubs. I wish I would have joined Pay It Forward, FCA, and Drama Club. I always wish I would have done more sports like football and baseball, and I will always regret that, but I will never regret doing what I have done already. 

My worst memory from my four years at PHS is the fact that my freshman year got cut short because of Covid. I feel like freshmen year is very important, so that you can really get a feel for what the next three years will be like. I remember the day that we were told we would be going home for a couple of weeks. That couple of weeks then turned into a month, then the rest of the school year. I hated it– I really did. I missed being in class with Kaden and Cody, and I missed going to PE everyday with Brennen, Levi, Gavin, and Kaden. I wish everyday that Covid would have never happened, so that I could have had the rest of my freshmen year. 

That is my PHS experience.