High School Experiences


Chance M Wilber, Editor

I want to start off by saying that High School Musical was a total lie and that high school is nothing like it is portrayed in this movie.

Freshman Year: Pre-K through 8th grade I went to school at New Hebron Christian School. New Hebron is a private Christian school, so the transition to a public school was very difficult. Freshman year was a year that was spent learning who the teachers were and how classes were ran with a bell schedule. Then, when we were building our homecoming float at Cody York’s house I went to go back to Wyatt Kennedy’s house riding with Cody on his UTV and the cables on the tailgate broke. I then hit my head on the asphalt and fractured the back of my skull. This led to a severe concussion which made miss all my sports seasons for my freshman year. At the end of our freshman year is when COVID happened which pulled us out of school, but other than being out of school it didn’t affect my everyday life any other way.

Sophomore Year: This year started off with everyone being forced to wear a mask along with cleaning every single surface we touched no matter how long we were there. We also had these white plastic dividers taped to our desks which meant we could not interact with our fellow classmates whatsoever. Sophomore year was probably one of my favorite years academically because the Physics teacher let me take Physics and that was probably one of my favorite classes that I took in high school. My sister and I were lab partners and for the catapult assignment we built a golf ball slingshot that would should a golf ball around 200 yards. Sophomore year was the year that my dad and I spent almost the whole school year building his old second gen Cummins for me to have for my first vehicle. Shortly after we finished this truck I broke a tie rod going down the road and hit a semi head on.

Junior Year: This year of high school was very difficult simply because we had so many different teacher changes. Math class started out with a volunteer teacher who did not have very much experience in the math field. Kaden and I pretty much spent this class period trying to find something mischievous to do. We may have made Mr. Logan gain a few grey hairs, but we always got all of our work done on time while maintaining the better grades in the class. We then got Mr. Anderson who was a lot more experienced in the math field, and he made the math class a lot easier to understand what was actually going on. Mr. Ochs was our new Chemistry teacher and our huge class of 3 Chem 2 students really enjoyed having him. Mr. Ochs left after the first semester leaving us with no one qualified enough to teach our class. We then had Dr. Logsdon come from LTC to teach us for the last quarter of our junior year. The highlight of this year was our History Club trip that we took out west. Lots of unforgettable memories were made on this week long trip.

Senior Year: There wasn’t a whole lot that went on my senior year that really impacted my life. I applied to my dream college and was accepted to get my bachelors degree in petroleum engineering and a minor in geology. We won jag day back to back years which was very awesome because the juniors thought they were going to beat us. For our senior skip day we got to go all the way to St. Louis and watch the Cardinals play. Not to flex but when we were there they put us on the big screen and asked us some questions!! This year flew by and I could not be happier because now I get to graduate and start a whole new chapter of life.

One piece of advice that I can give you is to not take anything for granted because you never know when it will be gone.