Viking Festival 2023


Zoey Rinesmith, Editor

This past weekend, April 28-30, the annual Viking Festival commenced in Whitestown, Indiana.

The event had almost 30 vendors from jewelry, art, food, and more. There was reenactment of the Viking fighting, and food, along with a small shop of ‘play’ fighting that my family participated in. Music was played by the bagpipe and drum band, Pictus. This band has three members: the first was Oengus Macog, the voice and drummer; the second was Tallisyn, the bagpiper; the third was CĂ©ilidh Shillelagh, the true embodiment of a warrior woman as she adds the extra rhythmic drums.

This band was not what my family had expected, but it was a beautiful and perfect addition to the already amazing weekend! I was thankful to learn more about where my family came from. I know for sure that I have Viking blood, and Scottish blood, so hearing a band that embodies my family history was really awesome.

As the Rinesmith family plans to attend an entire year of festivals and reenactments this upcoming year, there are sure to be many more adventures to come!



The following are links to more information on the band and the event!: