Senior Skip Day: Should be Okay!

Dannika Fulling, Editor

The tradition of having a senior skip day goes all the way back to the 1930s. While not everyone participates annually, it is a historical tradition that is meant to reward, in a sense, seniors for almost completing their senior year. Not everyone supports senior skip day but let me show you why it should be okay! This year 14 students from the senior class went to St. Louis to watch a Cardinals game and go visit the Gateway Arch. Of these 14 kids, over half of them are high honors students! As well as some of them will be entering college as either a second semester freshman or a sophomore! The proof is in the pudding that we work hard in school, and skipping school isn’t just a common trait for most of us. Careful and safety-oriented plans were made (and perfectly executed) on where we’d park, eat, and groups staying together. Our class was even interviewed on the jumbotron and were sure to be great examples and representatives of our school. This goes to show that we are responsible, both in the classroom and in the city. We don’t support and condone frequent skipping, but I think that our transcripts can serve as evidence that we’ve worked hard in our high school careers, and one senior skip day is A-okay!