OPH Track Meet at Cumberland

Elliott meadows, Editor

April 11 OPH competed against Cumberland, Casey, Marshall, Bethany, Effingham (St. Anthony), and Strasburg.

The girls finished 4th overall. Andrea Mattingly got 1st in the 100, 4×100, and 2nd in the 200. Genell Russell got 1st in the 100 and 300 Hurdles, and 4×100. Ava Patchett got 1st in the 4×100. Ilayna Sheets got 1st in the 4×100 and 3rd in the 4×200. Morgan Knoblett got 2nd in the Long Jump, and 3rd in the 4×200. Jaylee Hyre got 3rd in the 4x 200. Emily Rachoy got 3rd in the 4×200.

The boys finished 5th overall. Callum Roeder got 1st in the 200 and 4×200, 2nd in the 4×100, and 3rd in the 100. T. J. Pringle got 1st in the 4×200, and 3rd in the 400. K.J. Davis got 1st in the Long Jump, 110 Hurdles, 4×200, and 2nd in the 4×100. Elliott Meadows got 1st in the 4×200, and 2nd in the 4×100. Austin Hargrave got 2nd in the 4×100. Bowen Ramsey got 3rd in the High Jump.